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Adelaide'sAward-Winning Artisan Bakery

Since 1952, the bakers of Skala have tirelessly adhered to artisan traditions of crafting beautiful breads, pastries and cakes utilising traditional methods to create delicious modern flavours for all occasions.

Beautiful breads, pastries and cakes made with traditional methods to deliver delicious &
modern flavours

Freshly Baked Daily

Through the art of controlled fermentation and selection of the highest quality ingredients, Skala products rise above to consistently deliver crisper crusts, sophisticated textures, bolder flavours and honest nourishment.

Each and every day and through every night our pursuit is not just the creation of one of humankind's most elemental foods, but the delivery of rustic, elegant breads, pastries & cakes with a refined expression into the lives of all South Australians.

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beautiful breads, pastries and cakes

Proudly South Australian

Skala first opened its doors in South Australia in 1952.

Since that time it has proudly carried on the traditions of artisan baking, made with South Australian hands and serving South Australian customers.