A Passionate Commitment to Beautiful Breads, Pastries & Cakes

Baked Fresh Each Day

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Established in 1952Skala has a proud history of baking fresh each day for South Australians for nearly 70 years.

Skala’s dedication to the ancient and intuitive practice of artisan bread making has enabled generations of Skala’s master bakers to consistently produce the finest, award winning breads, pastries and cakes.

Although Skala has lasted decades by preserving what is best, its commitment to tradition has never stood in the way of innovation.

Over the years Skala’s tastes and culinary influences have broadened resulting in variety of new and complex flavours, many of which are vegan friendly.

Today, more than ever, Skala bakery continues to priorities quality over quantity its commitment to quality above all to deliver products that have a modern expression of flavor and textures

Skala Remains True to its Founding PrinciplesQuality Bread for All